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Business Coaching

As a Business Coach we help business owners how to maximise profits, build great teams and create free time for themselves by showing them how to work ON their businesses in stead of IN their businesses. Our definition of a business is: A commercial, profitable enterprise that works, without me.
The Rivalogic BizSuccess Model is based on three pillars :{Mindset + Framework + Skillsets}

In this fast changing post-pandemic world, as the pace in the world of business increases, and becomes more and more competitive it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the changes in your industry, let alone the latest innovations in  digital, sales, marketing, customer acquisition and management strategies.. Having a business coach is no longer a luxury… it has become a necessity.

  • Who does the business owner turn up too when he/she is facing challenges or in the midst of a complex business situation?
  • Who does the business owner turn up to most importantly when they are not sure what to do next?
  • Do you have a hunger to grow, a desire to be a lifelong learner, focus, discipline and be committed to your actions?
  • Do you want to develop a business that works for you rather than you working in your business?
  • On top of all this, it’s difficult to get a truly objective answer from yourself.

This is where a business coach steps in as a listener, a sounding board to support you, hold you accountable and partner with you to drive discovery to realize your best in performing your roles as the visionary and leader in your business. Our focussed Business Coaching Program is in a one-to-one environment, where in the business owner / entrepreneur will discover and learn all he/ she needs to know to make their business dreams come true and also live a lifestyle you desire.

Based on more than two decades of experience working with businesses small and large, the business coaching engagement covers different aspects of the business viz. business vision,  niche, positioning branding, strategy, sales , marketing, team-building, systematised approaches, business best practices, customer service, finance and reporting.

Most business coaches spend most of the engagement scraping the surface and imparting knowledge and skillsets. Unlike other business coaches and consultants, we have a differentiated offering for the business owner starting from developing the right business mindset, leadership skills,  business skillsets and business framework: processes & systems for creating, growing and thriving a sustainable and thriving business.

Benefits of a Business Coach?

  • While a business coach may seem like an unnecessary expense, the truth is that they are far from it. A business coach is a legitimate investment into the future of a business. Instead of thinking about how much a business coach will cost, try to think about how much they will end up earning for the business owner. By changing mindset, enhancing business processes, reducing expenses, and increasing profit, a business coach will almost always end up being well worth the investment.
  • Business Owners are sometimes reluctant to hire a business coach because they are afraid it will be a sign of weakness, this is the wrong attitude to have about the situation. Instead of looking at it as a sign of weakness, one need to realize that it is a sign of strength. Behind every successful sportsman is a great coach , So it is in Business also!

Riva Logic BizSuccess Coaching Model is based on three pillars

{Mindset + Framework+ Skillsets}

Our business coach will partner with you to build and expand the  business you always dreamt of  without you having to compromise on your health, personal life, ethics or values.

Uncomplicate Your Business, Unlock Your Life.