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Business & People Transformation through Coaching, Leadership Development,
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Riva Logic Consulting

Riva Logic Consulting

Riva Logic is a boutique Management Consulting Organisation specializing in business and people transformation through Transformational Coaching, Mentoring and Strategic Growth Consulting.  Founded by Pradeep Natarajan in 2001, Riva Logic has consistently engaged with companies across varied industry verticals in India and globally.

Continuous innovation and value addition is a part of our DNA.We have always challenged established thinking, unlocked critical insights and achieving sustainable advantage for our client partners. For us  Success is not about acquiring material and power, but progressive realization of a worthy idea. Let us all have some worthy idea and start realizing them. Let us be successful.

Our Vision

Be a catalyst and source of transformation for “One Million Lives” by 2030

Our Mission

Create consistent & measurable value for individuals and organizations by being a catalyst for discovering & transforming their innate potential.

Values and Guiding Principles

We believe the best way to build long-term relationships with our clients is to provide superior results and excellent client service. We value our clients and partners and make it our business to treat them with the highest levels of professionalism, trust and work ethics

  • Integrity – we do what we say we’re going to do
  • Communication – We listen closely and share authentically
  • Passion – we never give up
  • Accountability – we measure ourselves by our results rather than our activities
  • Innovation – we always find a better way
  • Entrepreneurship – we reduce risk and build wealth
  • Quality– we usually deliver more than what we commit

Guided by these principles, we bring the integrity, entrepreneurial drive, and expertise to offer boutique coaching & consulting services.

About Pradeep Natarajan

Pradeep Natarajan is the founder of Riva Logic Consulting a boutique Management Consulting advisory firm specializing in Business and People Transformation through Coaching, Mentoring and Strategic Consulting. He dons various hats as an Executive & Leadership Coach, Business Coach and Growth Strategist to C-Suite leaders and working professionals. A seasoned strategic planner & visionary entrepreneur he has a successful track record – as both internal leader, stakeholder and as external consultant, mentor and coach – in strategizing, growing and fueling business growth for organizations. With a high potential career spanning 23 years in the corporate and business world, he has worked in business leadership roles as an entrepreneur, executive & leadership coach and mentor. With a balanced combination of leadership coaching and strategic consulting, he works with C-Suite leaders, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals to unlock strategic value in organizations.

Leadership Roles

  • Riva Logic Consulting- Founder & Master Coach (current)
  • Riva Logic Technologies Pvt. Ltd- President
  • Riva Logic Ventures-Founder & Chief Catalyst
  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) Pune Charter Chapter- Secretary , Director Outreach, Director DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging)
  • ICF India Coaching Awards- Core Committee member & Awards Admin
  • Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, C level Advisor, Growth Strategist (50+ clients over the past 6 years)
  • Go To market strategy & Brand Consultant (200+ clients)
  • Startup mentor & Business Coach to more than 50+ startups over past 22 years


In his current role as  Secretary ,Director Outreach & Director DIEJ for ICF Pune Charter chapter (ICF). Pradeep has a vision for taking Coaching to the industry through awareness programs, Coachathons and “Coaching in Organization” Programs. With the aim of regulating and maintaining the Gold Standard in coaching, Pradeep actively engages with ICF Global activities and last year brought the ICF global awards for the very first time in India. Called the ICF India Coaching Awards these recognise and celebrate excellence in coaching for both coaches and organizations. He has been Core committee members of the ICF India Awards committee and Awards Admin for two seasons of the Coaching Awards.

He is also involved with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s Global Knowledge Philanthropy Project offering Coaching support to Nonprofits and NGOs.

He has been among the founder members and Coach Support leader for CoachesForYou. CoachesForYou is a support initiative of the International Coaching Federation’s Coaching Community in India. Its purpose is to be an enabler to support the community around us to deal with the testing times following the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a volunteer led initiative and a collaborative effort between ICF coaches situated across India including Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad & Delhi.

With a vision to be a catalyst for transformation for more than one million lives, Pradeep is working towards business and people transformation  by working with  like minded, passionate people and organization who want to make a difference in life through personal mastery transformation, coaching and Self development

Pradeep’s Journey

The old saying go: “You can never be coach before You have transformed Yourself”, “You can never teach others what you haven’t learn yourself”. That is what led Pradeep to become a coach in the first place. His passion for transformation & his motto “ Life is beautiful, live it fully and powerfully every moment” drives people to take a deep dive internally and identify and bring out their best potential.

Pradeep’s journey of understanding the human mind and behaviour kick-started in the year 1991. As a teenager he often wondered how one could experience freedom, personal power and create permanent shifts in the quality of one’s life. A curious seeker and voracious reader, his transformation quest to transform oneself, lead him to explore spirituality, meditation, mysticism, psychology and mind sciences. Many transformational programs like Silva Mind Control Method, Tap your Genius, The Landmark Forum & Heartfulness were the inspiration and force behind him to develop as a transformational guide in the years to come both for personal & professional transformation. And after years of self- implementation, self-contemplation, reading and rigorous discipline today he shares his learnings and helps people discover the power of their untapped hidden potentials.

A serial entrepreneur and business leader for about 22 years, in 2018 he then chose to give up his active business career to follow his passion of making a difference to people’s lives and organizations through Transformational Coaching. Over the past 26 years, he has conducted numerous workshops, seminars, keynote speeches and motivational talks that has touched and transformed lives across India and globally. From C-level executives to senior managers to working professionals and small business owners and startups he coaches people from all walks of life.

Along with his better half, Mrs. Amita Pradeep, he founded the CosmicSutra foundation a public charitable trust with a vision of inspiring, motivating and empowering people to live happier, healthier and spiritually integrated lives. The objectives of the foundation is being a connection platform for Co-creating a happy, harmonious and balanced world through empowerment, learning and living of spiritual principles and esoteric wisdom. Through volunteer based self-help groups, heart circles, self-discovery and transformation workshops the foundation seeks to further experiential sharing and learning for discovering, unlocking and nurturing the “ Whole beingness” of people thereby being a source and force to positively impact society