Our workshops  and seminars demystify the essential skillsets of human interaction for the business environment. Our influential and effective customized programs give attendees essential and advanced tools in coaching, leadership development, planning, execution, influencing, management, profiling and change management skills.
For the current calendar year we intend to offer the following workshops:

  • The Power CXO ( Executive presence for C-level executives: 2 day workshop)
  • Creating your personal ALM (Authentic Leadership Model) : 1 day workshop for C-level executives
  • Coaching Skills 101 for managers (Developing the manager as a coach for middle & senior level managers)
  • The Manager as a mentor (Acquiring skills for being an effective Mentor: 1 day workshop)
  • The 20 bad habits of highly successful people ( C-level executives & Senior Level Managers : 1 day workshop)
  • Triggers 101( Using Triggers a new model for life, team and business coaching : 1 day workshop)
  • Personal Balance Sheet 101 ( Creating a personal balance sheet & scorecard for success)
  • Coaching Habits 101 (1 day workshop on how to create a coaching culture in your organization)

Riva Logic consulting offers corporate workshops designed specially to raise awareness, develop new insights and utilizing skills imparted to realize peak business peformance in organizations. We offer customized corporate training, workshops and seminars for CXOs and Mid-level management on the following three dimensions:

  • Personal development
  • Professional Skills development
  • Leadership development
  • Behavioural Change

We also develop customized programs according to your corporate requirements. If you looking for an effective and transformative workshop for your company's executives contact us with a brief summary of your requirement.