The investor community receives thousands of business plans . Does your Business plan stand above the rest and grab attention? So, if you need to write a plan for funding or for the best reason in the world - to set your business on a solid foundation, contact us to discuss your needs. Our startup experts and Venture capital community advisors are waiting to assist you in making your dream business plan a flying success.

At Rivalogic Consulting we work with early stage, expansion and high growth opportunities companies. We offer unique expertise that blends successful entrepreneurial experience, academic /legal insight and practical business analysis. We specialize in bringing clarity to complex business models and in creating plans tailored for a sophisticated investor audience. We ensure that all written materials viz. business plan, financial models, executive summary and pitch deck are up to VC standards. We review this against an extensive due diligence checklist used by the Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors community in their decision making process before investing.

Our New Venture Design Services Include

  • Business ideation analysis
  • Business plan preparation
  • Marketing plan & Branding strategy
  • Financial modeling
  • Assistance in building the team, board of directors, management
  • Investor sourcing and outreach program
  • Negotiation with VC/ Private equity firms
  • Setting up business systems & Information systems
  • Strategy roadmap for the new venture
  • Honing the business plan
  • Initial preparation for due diligence
  • Refining / redefining the negotiation pitch and investment story
  • Thoroughly prepare the startup for approaching investors
  • Identifying the right investor, Private equity firm, Venture capital firm

Our professionally drafted business plan fulfills several purposes

  • Is required for investors , angels , venture capital investors and banks for both equity and debt financing
  • Shows financial analysis, including profitability, forecasts, and break even points which prove the harvest potential to investors if startup capital is required
  • Sets the basis for valuation of the venture
  • Complete Business Analysis including competitors landscape
  • Attracts key team members that are necessary for the implementation of the business plan
  • Organizational Chart and job responsibilities resulting from activities and goals outlined in the value chain & team development
  • Marketing & Sales Plan
  • Brand positioning & communication

In addition to our startup consulting services, our clients engage us for ongoing consulting, advisory services  and incubation services to meet their business goals. Our consultants and advisors are closely linked with the Venture capital and Private Equity Investors community and can also assist in developing the company board, business incubation and Angel funding.

If you have a dream business plan or need assistance in attracting the right angel investor or venture capital investor for your venture write in to us at : with a brief of you business idea or executive summary.