User Experience Consulting

Succeeding in today's ever expanding  internet landscape requires well-designed, easy-to-navigate web sites and device interfaces  that meet the objectives of your clients and users. Your organization's Web presence, web applications, Tablet Apps and corporate presentations must be designed to enhance your brand, rather than detract from it. Riva Logic Consutling can help you meet these needs.
We strategize, design and deploy rich user experiences to attract and convert more customers, as well as make products more accessible and usable by diverse audiences.  Our  User Experience consultants ( UX Consultants)  have completed considerable projects in  usability and accessibility evaluations across a wide variety of software applications, products and complex websites. We have sucesfully created UX solutions for tablets, smartphones, IOS devices for social media and social networking  that have resulted in significant new customer acquisitions worth millions of dollars for our clients.
Riva logic offers user interface design and usability evaluation services for web-based GUI,  android based devices, IOS based devices and smartphones, websites and e-commerce portals. We provide usability evaluations to ensure that your web site is meeting the needs of your intended users. We develop web interfaces and applications that are not just functional but also visually compelling, easy to navigate and use for everybody. Put simply, when you work with Riva Logic, we'll shape an enjoyable and intuitive experience for your audience - one that truly serves your brand.

Our User Experience Consulting services span across
Website Usability Evaluations:
We will provide you with a detailed usability evaluation report including recommendations based on your product, device interface, software interface ,  existing website design or web applications use.
User Interface Expert Evaluations:
Expert usability reviews are a fast and economical route to improving the usability of your web site. We offer recommendations which are based on extensive Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), consumer browsing experience and subliminal user interaction patterns.
User interface designing:
User-centered design involves compelling visual interfaces, easy-to-use navigational systems and well written sticky content. Our user interface design process includes analysis of user requirements, generation of the user interface architecture, creation of alternative user interface prototypes, and testing of alternative designs with representative users. This service is particularly valuable for successful ebranding & designing e-commerce websites.