Technology Consulting

Our strategy experts can analyze your business and existing processes and provide recommendations on how to leverage IT to impact your bottom line, maximize ROI and realize your business goals.

  • Information Technology strategy blueprint
  • Architectural strategy & implementation planning
  • Business Process re-engineering
  • Pre-ERP system study, evaluation & planning
  • ERP consulting & implementation
  • Software re-engineering & enhancement
  • Offshore consulting services
  • IT Policy Development
  • Usability Consulting
  • Web2.0 consulting
  • E-business Planning
  • E-Learning strategy and implementation
  • E-Branding and Internet strategy planning

Our strategy experts will:

  • Analyze your existing IT infrastructure
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization\\\'s business goals and vision
  • Provide recommendations on specific systems for automating specific tasks and functionalities within your organization
  • Provide recommendations on an enterprise wide IT strategy for your organization

Architectural Strategy & Implementation Planning Good architecture provides a clear set of guiding principles, technology and infrastructure choices, and specification of high-level componentry and interfaces. The right architecture is a good architecture that contributes directly to the realization of strategic business objectives. Successful architecture is achieved when the right architecture is understood and embraced by your organization. We specialize in helping you develop successful architectures.

Working with executives and managers of the Architecture Program as well as the architecture team, we apply strategic management and technical consulting resources to help you be successful. Our architectural strategy and implementation planning consulting includes:

  • Architecture strategy and vision
  • Scoping and chartering an architecture initiative
  • Architecture organization, team creation and leadership
  • Architecture processes
  • Architecture readiness assessment and benchmarks
  • Architecture transitions, change management and alignment


  • More effectively translate business strategy into technical strategy
  • Exploit technology to create strategic advantage
  • Create a realistic architectural roadmap and transition plan
  • Build creative, cohesive architecture teams that are empowered to succeed and work smart
  • Deliver timely architectural solutions that create high business value
  • Gain the support and confidence of the management team by developing a shared architectural vision
  • Leverage architecture best practices, patterns and templates
  • Avoid common pitfalls

Software Re-engineering & enhancements: As organizations continue to evolve and reinvent themselves to develop new focus areas and cater to new markets, it is imperative that their business systems do not fall behind and become obsolete. We provide software re-engineering consulting and planning, maintenance and re-engineering services to keep your applications tuned so that your business needs do not outpace your business systems.
The services we provide are

  • Application Re-engineering and Enhancements
  • Migration of Legacy Systems to Newer Technologies
  • Application Integration